The Cartwright Heritage

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The Cartwright Heritage

[Katy King]

A Pretty Woman

The Lyrics

Author's Interests

  • Ham Radio

  • Orienteering

  • Weight Lifting

  • Weaponry

  • Chicken Farming

  • Nutrition & Health
  • Birding

  • Rock Collecting

  • Astronomy

  • Shotgunning

  • Romance Writing

  • Gardening

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  • Black Belts In Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu

  • Medical Transcriptionists.

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  • K. E. King, Editor


        Considering the American welfare-warfare state these days, and how necessary a war is to make us forget the state of the American economy, not to mention the way American foreign policy dictates poking the Russian bear with a sharp stick and teasing the Chinese dragon with hard-packed snowballs, many experts believe we are headed for a nuclear war. That means youíd better have your own means of detecting radiation and your own home shelter, since there are no longer any Civil Defense fallout shelters and trained radiological monitors with meters.

        Dr. ďBĒ has been studying radiation, its effects, and how to detect it for some years now, and if youíve been reading The Kong Reports, you know he recommends you have a Radiological Meter and know how to use it. Since so many people are confused on what meter they should get, or find themselves unable to afford some of the newer meters, he has written a book on the subject, well-illustrated in color, that is available on in both print form and as an e-book.

        This book will tell you why you need a meter and why the old Civil Defense meters are still some of the best and simplest meters available. He describes and photographs each meter and tells you where to buy them and how to know they are working correctly. Most of all, he simplifies the process of deciding which meter you need and why. Donít wait to see whether or not America finally gets nukedóBe Ready In Advance!

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    [The Heritage House] The Story [The Heritage House]

        Leah Jones has loved Trip Cartwright since childhood. In spite of their friendship, Leah knows a preacherís daughter isnít the kind of woman to interest a man of Tripís wealthy background. Trip, however, feels he owes Leahís family reparation and steps in with an offer of marriage when Leah is hit with a series of financial disasters.

        But Tripís business problems and troubled childhood threaten their marriage, and Leah must choose between winning Tripís love and protecting his life.

        Read an Excerpt.

        This is a morally uplifting book...a good read! Get it Here

    ...and other books by the author... Get Them At This Site.

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